Have you tasted our mini cakes already?


Kosher Mini Cakes

Have you tasted our mini cakes already?

In one sentence – you gotta try our mini cakes! If you’ve visited our bakery already, you know that we specialise in pastries and cakes. Every morning we come to work with one goal in mind – inspire you through our handmade, freshly baked breads, cakes and traditional pastries. 

We also try to continuously innovate and come up with new products and ideas. One of our favourites is our mini cakes. Every week, we create small and unique cakes in different shapes, sizes and flavours. 

We invite you to come by and try them out together with your warm cup of coffee. Especially on colder days, it’s a great way to warm up and get a boost of energy for the rest of the day! Everything you see above is handmade and done fresh! That’s also why we run out of them quickly, so make sure you visit us as early as you can.

We also offer our cupcakes along with other food and pastries for special events and celebrations. You can surprise your family and friends with delicious kosher cakes that will brighten and sweeten their day! 

Curious about our menu? Check it out here!

You can also follow our Instagram to see the unique cakes we make daily!

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