Have you tried this famous Viennese cake?


Kosher Sacher Cake

Have you tried this famous Viennese cake?

If you visit Vienna and have done your research, you know that the city is famous for its cakes. Perhaps the most well known cake is the Sacher torte. Now at our bakery, you can eat a Kosher Sacher cake and enjoy an authentic experience in Vienna.

The creator of this famous cake is Franz Sacher. One day, when the main chef at the Demel cafe got sick, Sacher was tasked with the creation of a new cake. The result is the Sacher torte which is beloved by some but disliked by others. It’s dense with chocolate and contains apricot jam in the middle.

If you want to try out the kosher Sacher cake and see whether it’s fame is justified, we invite you to come by to our bakery! We regularly bake Viennese specialties and of course make sure to include the Sacher cake. Make sure to come early, as we tend to sell all our cakes already in the morning. 

We also offer other pastries and cakes made to order and so you can order it for special occasions such as birthdays, Shabbat dinners or other celebrations.

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