The best place to stay in Vienna to eat Kosher!


Taborstraße Vienna

The best place to stay in Vienna to eat Kosher!

There are countless hotels in Vienna offering luxurious rooms, stunning views and high quality services. Many of them are located in the old city, right at the heart of Vienna or along the Ring road, where the city walls once stood. 

If you observe and eat Kosher, however, you should choose your hotel carefully, to avoid long journeys to the kosher supermarket, restaurants or to our bakery. Here are a few recommendations for your stay in Vienna. These are hotels where you can stay near the Kosher establishments in the city:

  1. Stefani hotel

This hotel is the oldest hotel in Vienna and a favourite among Jewish visitors. Located on Taborstraße, this hotel offers spacious rooms and an authentic experience in the city. Its location is perfect – within walking distance you can visit the kosher supermarket La Mehadrin or our bakery. While this hotel offers a minimal kosher breakfast, you can simply visit us in the morning to enjoy a rich Israeli breakfast or fresh kosher pastries. 

  1. Sky apartments

For those of you who prefer staying at an apartment, Sky apartments offers a perfect solution. The apartments are spacious and designed for religious visitors. There you can enjoy a peaceful shabbat and be close to many of the Jewish establishments of the 2nd district. You can visit our bakery before Shabbat for food and freshly baked Challahs that will make you feel at home!

  1. SO Hotel (previously known as Sofitel)

If you are looking for a more luxurious stay at a modern hotel, SO hotel is for you. Located mere metres away from the Danube canal, this hotel is famous for its rooftop where you can enjoy the incredible view of the entire city. It’s also located right at the beginning of Taborstraße, not far from our bakery. 

We are looking forward to your visit soon!