The best place to stay in Vienna to eat Kosher!

Taborstraße Vienna

There are countless hotels in Vienna offering luxurious rooms, stunning views and high quality services. Many of them are located in the old city, right at the heart of Vienna or along the Ring road, where the city walls once stood.  If you observe and eat Kosher, however, you should choose your hotel carefully, to […]

Celebrate Hanukkah with us!

Celebrate Hanukkah at our Ohel Bakery

Hanukkah is finally here and we can’t wait to celebrate one of our favourite holidays. For 8 days we get the chance to spread light to our family, friends and neighbours, spend time with loved ones and equally important – to eat delicious Sufganiot!  For bakers, this holiday is an opportunity to unleash our creativity […]

Are you a tourist in search of a kosher meal in Vienna?

Vienna has recently become one of the most attractive destinations in Europe. Tourists from all over the world arrive here to marvel at the city’s palaces, monuments and museums. The city also has a rich Jewish history, which is why Jewish visitors come here from all over the world. If this is you and you […]

Have you tried this famous Viennese cake?

Kosher Sacher Cake

If you visit Vienna and have done your research, you know that the city is famous for its cakes. Perhaps the most well known cake is the Sacher torte. Now at our bakery, you can eat a Kosher Sacher cake and enjoy an authentic experience in Vienna. The creator of this famous cake is Franz […]

Have you tasted our mini cakes already?

Kosher Mini Cakes

In one sentence – you gotta try our mini cakes! If you’ve visited our bakery already, you know that we specialise in pastries and cakes. Every morning we come to work with one goal in mind – inspire you through our handmade, freshly baked breads, cakes and traditional pastries.  We also try to continuously innovate […]

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